Art Letter

Expo Chicago Kicks . . . Off
I went to Expo Chicago while all the galleries were setting up.  It's one of the best art fairs I've ever seen--and it wasn't even fully installed. The art is kick ass.  Galleries have brought exemplary pieces.  The layout is spacious and flowing.  And there are a lot of extra efforts commissioned or enabled by the fair of exciting large scale works of art or installations.  In a time of fairs galore Expo Chicago stands out.  

  Alice Aycock and Jonathan Lasker
L1090408.jpg  Claire Morgan
L1090409.jpg  Deborah Butterfield
L1090418.jpg  Jason Middlebrook
L1090406.jpg  Mel Kendrick
L1090407.jpg  Pierre Soulages
L1090410.jpg  Dewain Valentine and Richard Tuttle
L1090411.jpg  Ken Price
L1090412.jpg  Peter Halley
L1090413.jpg  Ai Weiwei
L1090414.jpg  Manual Neri and Hans Hoffman (behind Neri)
L1090420.jpg  William Wiley, Ed Paschke and 'friends'
L1090421.jpg  Alfred Leslie, Mark di Suvero and Tadaaki Kuwayama
L1090424.jpg  Douglas Dawson
L1090423.jpg  an installation just begun of Jessica Stockholder's

I'm eager to go back.  See you there.

Paul Klein

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